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At Leashables, we specialize in custom-made promotional products to help get your customers brand in the hands of their prospective and current clients. Our line of promotional hand sanitizers provides them with a relevant and convenient promo to help them spread the word, not the germs. Lip Balm on a leash is a versatile promotional product that can be given year round. Custom lip balm, branded specifically to your clients are always in style. All of our products can be branded with custom labels, pad printing, and/or custom leashes to match your clients´┐Ż corporate logo and information.

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Personal Care Products as Promotional Items?

Successful exposure of your promotional products to customers can be costly. What if they saw your logo every time they put on their favorite lip balm, sunscreen, or freshened-up their breath with breath spray? With Leashables® quality personal care promotional products, your customer will be reminded of you every time they use them. Let us help your company get more exposure for less money!

USA-Made Lip Balms & Sun Care Products!

Show your patriotism with USA-made promotional products! Leashables® lip balm, breath spray, and sun care products are a great way to promote your business while supporting businesses here in the USA. You can also be assured that it is more eco-friendly, because the handling and processing is closer together. We are one of the largest lip balm manufacturers in the USA and we see it through from start to finish. Now that's tight quality control!

Promotional Hand Sanitizer - Just a Trend?

Promotional Hand Sanitizer has seen a huge increase in demand over the past year. Usually such a sharp increase in demand is seen as a just another hot trend that will fade away as quickly as it rose. This is not the case with Leashables® Sanell® brand hand sanitizer! With our formula, which we have tested and proven to be 99.99% effective in killing germs, you can be assured your company's name will receive maximum exposure with a quality product.
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